1700 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA


The Torchieres are 17 feet tall with a 10" diameter pole.  This pole has 1" square bar ribs running vertically and radially.  The finish is a maroon polyurethane.  The fixture head is a 60" tall unit constructed of #8 Mirror finish stainless steel, with an inside frosted acrylic tube.  Illumination is by one f48t12HO lamp and a 20 watt MR-16 lamp projecting upward through a clear blister. 

The wall sconces are also of mirror stainless steel construction, with acrylic fins and a blue acrylic in the center.  The fixture is totally enclosed but with clear lensing in the rear to allow a glow around the perimeter of the fixture at night.  The fins and blue strip also glow.  

The lobby chandelier is 60" in diameter and is of 1/2" thick tempered and laminated glass, frosted on top, with #8 mirror stainless steel bar supports.  four MR-16 lamps provide the down light, nestled in between the bars with sliding, protective glass covers.  Four ER-30 down lights illuminate the glass disc.