Brandywine Pumping Station

Wilmington, DE


This project involved the restoration of two cast iron columns flanking the entrance to the Brandywine Pumping Station.  The columns, manufactured by the J. L. Mott Iron Works of NYC dated to the opening of the station in 1906.  The columns were never properly mounted to the granite base and two re-mounting attempts, combined with poor maintenance of the cast iron resulted in structural damage to the cast iron base.  This damage led to failure during removal.  

Our scope included stripping of existing finishes, disassembly, de-rusting to bare metal, applying a three-part paint system to all surfaces of every component prior to assembly, repair of several damaged pieces, and re-casting of the eight piece, octagonal structure at the base of the column.  All stainless steel hardware was used throughout.  Custom mounting adapters were provided to fit the city's standard fixture.  A few days before the opening of the building, the contractor discovered that the intended fixtures were ordered incorrectly and would not fit.  We provided new fitters and 16" glass globes.  

Our policy of inspecting every fixture to be restored, prior to quoting a project enabled us to provide a quote that covered all the potential problems.  We delivered the fixtures to site and interfaced with the installer to assure a trouble-free installation.  The fixtures were delivered and installed within three hours.

We would like to thank Suzanne Stewart at MGZA Partners for using Klemm.