D.C. Council Chambers,  Washington D.C.    


The project involved the manufacture of a curved "U" channel, built to our client's specifications.  There were two (2) channels, thirty-seven feet long by 6" wide by 5-1/2 inches high, supplied in three lengths, equipped with long biax lamps.  This channel was not an extrusion curved to a radius.  It was fabricated from aluminum sheet.  Close coordination with several sub-contractors and specifiers was required as the channel served as more than just a lighting fixture.  

The fixture sections were designed by Klemm to be easily hung and assembled by the electrical contractor.  The channel also acted as a wire-way for the A/V system and custom, field position-able brackets were supplied to support the speakers, microphones and cameras.  Mounting points had to be precisely coordinated.  The radius of our channel had to match the curved track lighting sections fabricated by Zumtobel-Staff Lighting.

Thank you to MCLA Lighting Designers for asking Klemm to build this project