First Evangelical Church of Carlisle, PA 

Our services usually include packing, pick up and delivery at site.  This chandelier required disassembly at site, as the door was 66" wide and the chandelier was 84" wide.  Another factor was that there was no practical way to support the fixture assembled without damage as most of the assembled outer parts would not support it's 500 pound weight.  As we disassembled the fixture, we tagged every part to assure ease in assembly, some of which also needed to be done at site.


Other tasks included replacement of many cracked, broken, missing, or incorrect globes with a non-standard fitter size, repair of minor damage sustained during a re-wiring in the 1960s, and a lot of polishing! 



Thank you to Jeff Lipton of Augsburg Fortress  for specifying Klemm for this project.