Millennium 2000 Celebration


We were asked to do a quick rehabilitation on two giant bollards.  In this case, the definition of quick was two weeks, and giant was nine feet tall.  Built in the early 1930s, the bollards had been out of commission for many years.  The restoration included the cleaning of 6" of Schuylkill river mud from the inside of the bollards, deposited by many floods.  

We replaced all of the glass, half of which was broken, with polycarbonate and white Lumasite.  The six foot tall bronze access doors on the rear were missing, so new doors needed to be fabricated.  The finish was left intact.  We retro-fitted the units with two, 85 watt, Philips QL lamps.  Because the fixtures are so inaccessible, The QL lamps will insure that the units will remain illuminated for many years.

The restoration was overseen by Raymond Grenald, of Grenald, Waldron Associates.  Please see a review of this project in the Architectural Record Magazine website.