David W. Harlan School Elementary School

   Wilmington, DE


This month's featured project involves the restoration of six pendant fixtures which were cast in brass and copper plated, resulting in a polished copper finish.  An earlier attempt at restoration of two of the fixtures by others, resulted in partial destruction of the copper plating by mechanically polishing through the plating, giving the fixtures an "orange" color.  There were many broken glass panels in the soldered bowls, including 16 panels in one of the previously restored units.  The prior restoration contractor lacquered the entire assembly, including the glass.  The resulting heat from the lamps caused the lacquered glass to turn brown.  

We bent and installed new glass segments, cleaned the lacquer from the remaining glass, re-plated the damaged areas, polished the balance of the original copper plating, re-wired the fixtures and re-worked the interior structure to minimize the possibility of more broken glass during handling.  The lamps were re-positioned to provide a more even illumination of the glass bowl.