Masonic Temple

This project involved the repair and refinishing of two bronze wall lanterns and a cast iron pendant.  One of the sconces had a misaligned arm causing it to hang improperly.  Earlier attempts at repair had damaged a few components so we were tasked with correcting the damage.

  The sconces were to be refinished with the correct original patina which was evident on hidden components exposed during disassembly.  Each sconce was rewired.  New bottom glass was slumped and fitted to replace the metal covers replacing the original broken panels.

The pendant was cast iron with a bronze powder and lacquer finish and was mostly rusted through.  The glass had been replaced with modern plastic.  We disassembled, de-rusted and repainted the cast iron components.  We then chose a new art glass which closely mimics the sconce glass.  New hinges, repaired latches ensure that al fixtures will remain functional for the foreseeable future.