New York Court of Appeals Conference Room       


This project was featured earlier but is being featured again due to an aesthetic re-design at the request of the owner, who wanted the fixture to appear to be more slender, delicate and with a more subdued finish.  The original design appears below the re-design.

Numerous designs and finish samples were submitted to the Court for review and one was chosen.  The new finish is a slightly darkened satin brass.  All nickel plating has been removed.  Many elements were removed or modified in shape substantially.  The center column was reduced form 12" to 8" in diameter and equipped with two F28T5 lamps.  The outer cylinders were reduced from 8" to 6" diameter.  New spun brass caps were made.  Only the arm tubing and arm support brackets were re-used.  The new chandelier weights 140 lbs, down from 330 lbs.



This chandelier was part of another project at the New York Court of Appeals building.  The center body consists of 3/4" diameter glass rods clustered around a white acrylic cylinder, illuminated by three F40T8 lamps.  The metalwork is polished brass and polished, nickel-plated brass.  The body is re-lamped through a removable bottom trim and the ballasts are accessed through a removable top panel.  A purple, roped acrylic ring surrounded the glass rods but was removed after installation for aesthetic reasons.  

Each of the seven arms (one for each Justice of the Court) is also constructed of polished brass and polished, nickel-plated brass, with an opal glass cylinder.  Each cylinder contains a 75PAR30 up-light and down-light as well as two 60T10 lamps for cylinder illumination.  Each down-light is on a separate, dimmed circuit controlled by each justice at the conference table. 

Dimensions are 66" tall, 72" diameter and the weight is 330 lbs.