Old State Department Renovation

This ongoing project involves the restoration and duplication of many types of historic lighting fixtures.  The building was originally the Army and Navy Department, opening in 1938.  After the Pentagon was completed just a few years later, the Department of State inherited the building.  Please enjoy some of the in-progress photos.  More will be shown when the project is finished in February.


The type 59 directional signs were falling apart  when received due to questionable manufacturing and design techniques.


The type 51 was marked as being manufactured by Kurt Versen and we suspect a few other types were as well due to common materials and manufacturing techniques.



We sometimes find the oddest things inside old fixtures.  A rather large moth and a home-made wrench used for assembly are shown here.  The wrench worked so well for  a practically inaccessible nut that we used it for disassembly.  The design was changed so that assembly will be easier