Philadelphia City Hall, Northeast Stair Tower  

This project involved the reproduction of three (3) fixtures which exist in the stair tower.  Another company had been issued a contract to restore the existing fixtures but could not handle the reproduction portion.  The fixtures, originally manufactured by the Smyser-Royer Company, of York, PA, were of cast iron construction with a painted finish.  This version of their # (see catalog sheet below) has a sheet metal framework attached to the top of the bracket arm, containing A-lamps. 

Klemm disassembled the existing lamp, determined and matched the original paint color, cast the new parts and reproduced the fixture exactly.  The fixtures were retrofitted with four (4) PL-26 lamps, to match the restored units.  Although the order was placed very late, we were able to deliver in time for the mayor's dedication of the space when others could not.  After delivery, the Philadelphia Historic Commission ordered that we replace one decorative cast part with a smooth part.  They wanted the reproduced fixtures to be different from the originals, and it was not possible with out the change.

We took this as a compliment.