SCT Corporate Headquarters


These four, free standing light columns are sixteen feet tall and only 14" in diameter.  The only vertical structural elements are the four slender vertical rails, assembled from three separate elements, broken at two intervals for structural bulkheads.  These bulkheads formed the three lamp compartments, each having three FO40-t8 lamps.  The ballasts are mounted in the base.  The bulkheads are shielded externally by polished chrome bands.  The lensing is white opal acrylic.  During the design process, much thought went in to preventing shadows and hot spots.  The column needed to appear as if it were evenly illuminated.  Finally, the top contains a 100 watt metal halide up-light component with an asymmetric reflector and adjustable saw-tooth baffles to wash specific ceiling areas.

We would like to thank Larry McEwen, of Lawrence McEwen Architects for asking us to build these columns and for the use of the photographs.