State University of New York

at Albany

This project involved the restoration of circa 1960 lighting dishes, varying in diameter between 87 and 102 inches in diameter.  Complications were actually getting the dishes out of the building since the doors were originally installed after fixture installation.  The large sizes could not be removed from the building until the doors and frames were removed.  Original lighting consisted of F40T12 fluorescents and R20 incandescents.

The original dishes were suspended too low and were damaged by students hitting and hanging from them.  Dents were removed, welds repaired and swivel hangers replaced due to cracking.  The edges were straightened and packed so that the contractor could install and remove the stiffeners afterward thus preventing the re-bending of the edges.  Stems were straightened and shortened where required.  The dishes were re-finished with the original color.  Perforated debris shields were installed and the fixtures were re-wired with T5 fluorescent lamps and LEDs to replace the incandescent down-lighting