University of Pennsylvania

College Hall Lobby

This project spanned five years, from the start of conceptual discussions to final shipment.  We were asked by Mariana Thomas Architects to investigate the possibility of building a series of chandeliers from part of an old, gas pendant fixture found in an antique shop.

Over the next three years, the architect refined the design and we all waited for the University to start the project, which involved most of the building.  We finally received an order, four years had elapsed.  We prepared shop drawings and finish samples for approval.

Casting patterns were built, based on the original arm parts and the other parts were fabricated.  The arm was cast in two halves with the gas key and two ornaments as three separate castings.  The arm halves were silver-soldered together, then drilled and tapped the needed holes, applied a satin finish and a clear lacquer coating.  In the meantime, we were silver-soldering the center cluster from up to twelve separate parts.  The balance of the parts were fabricated or fitted around this cluster.  The globes were custom fabricated 8" diameter units with a specific size opening on top, with a custom sandblasted pattern.  Finally, wiring, assembly and packing.  Everyone was pleased with the results.