University of Pennsylvania Museum, Etruscan Exhibit    

This project involved the restoration of one 60" diameter chandelier and three egg shaped, chain hung pendants of the arts and crafts variety.  The chandelier had been modified by cutting off a center portion, painting white, and adding some 1960s era bullet spot lights.  We stripped the white paint and restored the original finish, which was a blackened iron topped by a clear lacquer.  At the architect's direction we added white opal glass cylinders and fabricated a completely new suspension system.  Before wiring, we had to test-hang the chandelier and install the glass cylinders.  The original ring was neither flat or straight and individual straightening of the cylinders was required.



The egg shaped pendants were languishing in a sub-basement at the museum with most of the glass broken, metalwork rusting and parts missing, including the chains and canopies.  After disassembly and inspection, we determined what the original finish should be, notified the client and proceeded with the restoration.  Please see the before and after photographs.