U.S. Army War College 

This project involved the restoration of several different fixtures with varying finishes and problems.   The front and rear entry wall brackets (front shown) were in need of substantial repair.  Solder joints were separated and metalwork was damaged in numerous ways.  The glass was replaced with inappropriate plastic and the lighting was non-functional due to wiring passage issues.  The fixtures were nickel-plated at one point and the plating was peeling.

The plating was stripped and the fixture was painted with a black urethane.  A few fragments of the original glass were found in the bottom of the fixture body and new, matching glass installed. 


The interior sconces had been re-wired with 24 ga. bell wire, which had been adversely affected by the heat from solder repairs, making it impossible to pull it from the arm.  The arm had to be separated at two points where the original manufacturer had silver-brazed it together for wire removal, then the arm had to be re-assembled and the new wire pulled through.

The main pendant was in good condition except for finish and wiring so polishing and re-wiring was all that was needed.