Woolston Family and Child Center

This project involved the restoration of twelve lanterns with a faux-blackened iron finish, estimated to be from the 1940s era.  The fixtures were in fair condition but in addition to re-finishing, they needed a complete lighting retro-fit.  Due to a yellowed lacquer topcoat and rust in spots due to a leaky roof, the fixtures were stripped to bare metal and re-finished.  The re-finishing methods were identical to the original but the paints used were urethanes instead of lacquers, for superior durability and adhesion. 

The original structure was removed from the interior of the lantern body and a new structure was installed, incorporating six (6) F50BX lamps vertically and a PAR38 downward.  The amber glass side panels were replaced with frosted, clear tempered glass.  The original mica inserts were retained.  The bottom glass panel was removed and a new, hexagonal concentric ring louver fabricated and installed in the hinged bottom door.  The new open-type construction allows the fixture to ventilate heat better.

The ballasts and sockets are heat-sinked and isolated from most of the heat of the PAR lamp, for long life.  As with all of our projects, thought was given to the ease of re-lamping and ballast service, and re-installation by the electrical contractor.

We would like to thank Mulhern Engineers and Armstrong Kaulbach Architects for specifying Klemm.