This project involved the restoration of four lanterns manufactured by the Horn & Brannen Manufacturing Company of Philadelphia in 1928 and four pendant fixtures of unknown manufacture.  

The lanterns are cast bronze but were primed and painted black sometime later in life.  Investigation showed a statuary bronze finish between tightly-fitting sheltered parts so the paint and corrosion were stripped and a new statuary bronze finish with a clear lacquer coating was applied.  Numerous dents were repaired, new bottom doors fabricated for two fixtures, new lenses fabricated, new wiring.


The mounting arms had broken off two of the fixtures during removal and investigation showed that the original support pipe had likely been removed during an earlier re-wiring and replaced with a modern (post-war), rolled steel nipple, which had rusted so severely that they were failing structurally.  Horn & Brannen fixtures were known to be of the highest quality so we assumed that the original pipe had been brass.  They were replaced with new brass nipples.  All metal on the fixtures is now brass or bronze.


This part of the project involved the rehabilitation of four pendant fixtures.  The fixtures had a deteriorated polychrome finish which was re-finished in colors and glazes matching the original.  The missing or cracked glass, both amber and root beer colors were replaced with new glass matching in both pattern and color.  The fixtures were thoroughly cleaned and re-wired.  Finally the missing lamp access doors were replaced with newly fabricated units and the remaining doors were reinforced.  All solder joints were inspected and repaired as required.