Orlando International Airport, Terminal "B"  

We were asked to take this project at the last minute by an electrical distributor.  It seems that the four specified manufacturers were not capable of building this customized version of their product.  The building design required a twenty-nine foot, one piece run of a pendant fixture and the specified manufacturers wanted to supply only eight foot length runs.  Several months were wasted in getting submittals from the specified guys, only to be rejected an not conforming to the spec.  Something had to be done.... right away!

We developed a design where three sections of the perforated housings wrapped around a one piece, extruded spine.  While the perforations had borders at the hairline joints, our design gave the specifier 95% of what they had asked for, and it would work.  We flew to Orlando with Billows to sell our idea.  Once they saw our design ideas, it was an easy sell.  Now, we had to produce and ship in 10 weeks.  Not as easy as it sounds.

We needed to procure the "spine" extrusion and its tooling, 8 week lead time.  The perforation was an oblong slot of special dimensions and did not exist, so tooling was produced for CNC punching of the housings.  We also needed a cast aluminum end plate to match the special, scoop shaped housing.  While these items were in process at various sub-contractors, we manufactured the stems and support brackets and shipped them.  When the fixture housings arrived, they would fasten in place with three bolts each and all that was left to do was a few wire connections and lamping.  All circuiting in the housings was done at the factory.  The fixtures arrived with 10 days to spare. 

Architectural Enclosures

Once the 29 foot units had shipped, we were asked to manufacture a perforated enclosure that was not part of the lighting package, but needed to match our units.  There were 253 units that were 48" wide by 57" and 81" long by 12" deep, with a cast aluminum end.  When finished, these units completely filled three 40' trailers.  The photo below shows the final installation.

We would like to thank the architect, HOK Aviation for having faith in us to build this project in the short time allotted.