Baltimore School for the Arts

This project involved the restoration two crystal chandeliers from the 1870s.  The chandeliers were originally gas fixtures which had been converted to electricity.  There were many damaged or missing parts and, of course, crystal.  The silver-plating on the original parts were re-plated.  A new mounting bracket was fabricated and delivered to the EC for installation which would adequately support the fixture, provide a code-compliant splice area and make installation easier.

Unfortunately the contractor removing and re-installing the fixture disregarded our offer to be present during removal and damaged the fixture a little more during removal.  As a result, some original crystal had to be repaired.  The original gas swivel joint was removed to prevent damage to the new wiring and the fixture was shortened a little to provide 6'-6" clearance under the fixture.  New globes were provided with a non-standard fitter size.  Missing parts were fabricated.  Spatterings of latex paint were removed from the crystal.  Cleaning of the etched crystal parts was done.  Replacement of missing crystal and replacement of some of the special blown and etched globes was especially difficult.

One of the most difficult tasks was to remove the existing wire from the extremely narrow gas passages in the arms and to fish new wire through them.  Teflon wire was used due to the small diameter, high temperature rating and low surface energy  and toughness of the teflon insulation.