Bucknell University Campus Theatre

This project involved the restoration of original fixtures circa 1941.  The fixtures were primarily sheet-metal.  Most of the fixtures were custom-manufactured by the defunct Voigt Co. of Philadelphia. 

Main Theatre Fixtures:  These are sheet-metal fabrications with custom painting and multi-circuit lighting to coordinate with the theatre dimming system.  The challenge was creating a suitable LED retrofit for the discontinued 18" Lumiline lamp.  We fabricated these tubes with dimmable LEDs and colors to match the originals (Bucknell Colors of blue and orange).  Colored Incandescent lamps were used in the center housing as well as the wings.  Numerous repairs were needed.  Total length is 16 feet.

Exit Signs:  Also sheet-metal fabrications with glass fins and a stenciled face.  Green glass was chosen for the new signs over the original red.  Lamping is tao FT18/2G11/4P lamps with electronic ballasts on two circuits.

Misc. signage:  There were mans and ladies room signs, mostly with missing glass and changed finishes.  Under the added silver paint from a spray can, we found polished aluminum with transparent gold lacquer, to mimic polished brass.  We fabricated new glass faces where needed.

Lobby fixture:  The lobby fixture is also sheet-metal with mirrored panels and a copper-clad surround.  Mirrors were re-silvered, copper re-finished, fixture re-painted, re-wired and internal assembly re-ordered to facilitate re-assembly on-site.

Restroom stair fixtures:  Constriction mimics the Lobby fixture.  The center star ornament was missing on one unit and was duplicated.

There were several other types of fixtures as well.