Post Office, Lewisburg, PA

Bucknell University

This project involved the the restoration of Interior and exterior fixtures.  Built in 1932, the exterior used a standard spec fixture for the post office built by Michaels Art Bronze Co. of Covington, KY.   The exterior wall lanterns were a special challenge as the EC was not able to remove one from the wall.

 Investigation found that the fixture had a "root" which originally slid into an iron sleeve embedded in the stone wall.   The lantern had to be removed without damage to either the exterior wall or the interior wall behind it.  We were directed by the owner to "cut the fixture off the wall if needed.  The site contractors wanted no part of this so we went to site to judiciously cut the support bracket off the wall  This was done in stages as several cuts were needed to reach the seized "root".


Three hours of cutting were needed but the offending root was finally out.  The damaged pieces now had to be brazed together and sculpted back to original and re-patinaed. 

The rest of the lantern was routine; repair of threads, missing parts duplicated, damaged parts repaired, new, tempered, frosted glass installed and a new F42TBX lamp and ballast added.

Other types are depicted below: