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This project involved the restoration several types of lighting fixtures for the restoration of a historic school building however, the exterior fixtures are most worthy of mention. There were typical issues to deal with such as filling holes cut for photocells and bullet damage but the most difficult issue to deal with was the finish.

The specification called for preservation of the original finish. The specified procedure was a cleaning followed by an Incralac coating. This process was complicated by a maintenance process early in the life of the fixtures. Early on, someone painted the fixture with a bronzing fluid laden with bronze powder to cover the green patina forming on the surface. Over time, as the lacquer disintegrated, the bronze powder also corroded, growing into the corrosion on the base metal, creating a coating which could not be separated. The only solution was to leave as-is or remove.

The parties involved wanted the fixtures to look presentable so the fixtures were stripped to base metal and re-finished and coated with clear urethane. To avoid corrosion from returning the fixtures were coated twice, with the first coat being worked into pitting and crevices in joints. The fixtures were coated inside and out from top and bottom to assure full coverage. Afterward, frosted, tempered glass was installed in gasketed beds and Philips QL lamps installed. Drain holes were enlarged.