Washington DC Municipal Court Complex, Phase "C"

This project involved the restoration of several types of fixtures.   Although we had restored the previous phases of the building complex, there were many subtle and not so subtle differences between the different buildings.  Most types were manufactured by Erickson Electric of Boston

Type Z-3

Typical condition prior to restoration.  Some trims were missing.  The Lighting designer, Scott Watson specified a sandwich of two pieces of clear acrylic around a 30 degree Koolshade louver.  The lamp was a 3000K PAR30 LED, four per fixture.  The Koolshade louver takes the harshness away from looking up at the facade at night.   The result is evident. (gird appearance on photo below is a bird screen)

Type Z-7 and Z8 Signs

These types were existing lighted signs which were in poor condition.  There were missing portions of lettering, missing faces and special fasteners to be reproduced.

Type Z-5

This type consisted of porcelain enamel recessed boxes with polished nickel-plated frames.  As with the other types, some frames were missing and the fixtures had been modified a few times leaving a hideous mess to work with.  We built new frames to replace the missing units and installed new lighting.

Type Z-4

Typical of the two previous buildings