Federal Office Building, Philadelphia, PA  

This project involved the restoration of two signs to be re-used in the conversion of a Post Office facility into  Federal Government office space.  The two signs were mounted over the loading dock entry and exit points and were built by Luminaire Studios of the Curtis Lighting Company, a noted custom manufacturer in the 1930s.  The signs were cast bronze and one had been damaged and needed repair. 

Since castings do not straighten well, we used a variety of techniques to repair the existing metalwork, al while maintaining original geometry to assure that the access doors would function properly. 

The original clear, cast glass letters needed much work to re-use.  They were laminated to a root-beer colored art glass, many of which were broken.   In addition, two letters were missing entirely and had to be reproduced.  

The original finish was likely a patina but the fixtures were re-finished with a paint system to match the dock canopy.  The glass panels were gasketed to prevent water entry and to isolate the glass from metal.  A new, non-metallic, wet location fluorescent fixture was mounted inside.