The Franklin Institute  

This project involved the restoration of the lobby chandelier manufactured by Edward F. Caldwell Co. of New York.   The chandelier is cast brass with a gold plated and blue lacquer finish.  Over the years, attempts to buff up the finish removed much of the gold plate.  The blue lacquer was not adhering to the gold-plated finish very well and was flaking off. 


The chandelier was too big (84" diameter) to remove in one piece so it was disassembled in the air under our supervision.


During disassembly we found this tag (above right) with circuiting information, identifying the manufacturer.  

In addition to advising the electrician on-site on removal and installation, our tasks included re-finishing the metalwork, re-wiring, replacing missing globes, adding internal wireways and generally bringing the chandeliers up to UL standards and replacing broken glass.