Bryn Mawr College, Goodhart Hall        

This project involved the restoration of many different types of lighting fixtures produced by Samuel Yellin in 1928 and 1934, as part of the renovation and expansion of the building.  This was a difficult project to quote, due to the vague specification at bid time.  As it turned out, there were many issues to address during submittals and the restoration process.


We removed and stored the fixtures during the submittal process.  The painted finish was evident upon disassembly.  Asphaltum Varnish had been used originally.  Common as an anti-corrosion coating at the turn of the century, it has a distinctive appearance.  Even the aroma of fresh asphalt was still evident when the unmolested paint between parts was exposed.  

The larger chandeliers had heavy red roping draped from the chandelier ring to the wall.  Woven into the rope were the electrical conductors!  The ropes were falling apart and replacing them in the same manner was not an option as they wouldn't pass UL muster.  We finally used a fire-treated and dyed cotton rope and fastened a red sleeve to housing the electrical conductors and a messenger cable.

The fixtures with diffusers used mica.  Damaged mica was replaced with new.  The fixtures were re-wired with all new hardware.  New globes for the ring chandeliers were provided.  Due to substantial rust, we took them down to bare metal before painting.  The interior fixtures were painted with Asphaltum Varnish and the exterior fixtures used a Tnemec system.  The challenge on the exterior fixtures was removing all of the rust from the labyrinth of passages in the ornate ironwork and coating each area completely.  The ironwork is now protected for many years to come.