Hackett Middle School   

This project involved the restoration of three world globes on glass dating to 1927.   The globes were in poor shape due to vandalism and neglect.  Much of the painting was scratched off or lifting from the glass.  The metal finishes had deteriorated.  Eleven glass panels were cracked and had to be replaced.  Each globe was from a different time, from the 1500s to 1927.   

We picked up the globes at site and transported them to our facility.  After a light dusting, detailed photographs were taken of each panel for use during restoration.   We slumped new panels to replace the damaged panels and leaded them in place.  The globes were extensively cleaned and all loose and soiled paint removed.  There was very little original paint left.  New paints were mixed to match each panel.  The paints had to match in translucency, color and pigments had to be UV stable.  


Enough of the paint was missing to make the task of repainting difficult without research into each globe and the proper names for each region, for the period in question.  The painting process was painstaking and time consuming.

While the globes were being refinished, the metalwork had to be restored.  After investigation we determined that the original finishes were blackened nickel plating with gold plated accents.  The parts were re-plated where needed and original plating was preserved where possible.  All metalwork received a clear lacquer finish.


The globes were re-lit with two (2) PL18 quad tube lamps and an electronic ballast to ensure that re-lamping would be less frequent to minimize the possibility of damage to the globe from both handling and heat.  The chains were shortened one foot to raise the globes out of reach.  

We are quite proud of our workmanship and attention to detail on this project.