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Historic Lighting Reproduction

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West Point Science Center    

      Bartholdi Fountain

Princeton University Whitman College      Whitman_F24.jpg (165117 bytes)

website_photo_drexel.jpg (133638 bytes)     Drexel University


Johnson Park Library     cooper_small_column cropped.jpg (52115 bytes)

indy conf single finished.jpg (180351 bytes)     Indiana Supreme Court Conference Room/Library

Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts    pafa2.jpg (27104 bytes) 

nys_courtroom_single_01.jpg (68627 bytes)     New York State Court of Appeals

 St. Mary's Church, Annapolis, MD   st marys annapolis 03.jpg (67518 bytes)  

  University of Delaware, Daugherty Hall   

University of Pennsylvania College Hall, Room 200    uofprm200wall.jpg (49719 bytes) 

   collegehall6arn2.jpg (50919 bytes)     University of Pennsylvania College Hall Lobby    

   Princeton University, Palmer Hall     palmerhall05.JPG (19440 bytes)

    kresheim1.JPG (47145 bytes)     Krishiem, Philadelphia, PA

Franklin Lantern, Philadelphia, PA  franklinsingle.jpg (343109 bytes)  

uofpmuseumlantern2.jpg (29933 bytes)     University of Pennsylvania Museum 

Tenth Presbyterian Church of Philadelphia     10thpreslantern.jpg (60221 bytes)

city hall new small.jpg (4710 bytes)    Philadelphia City Hall, Northeast Stair Tower

Second Bank of the United States   2nd_bank_lantern.jpg (29572 bytes)

lantern01.jpg (79555 bytes)    Independence Hall