Indiana Supreme Court     

This project involved the reproduction of five chandeliers.  The design of these chandeliers are based on the limited historical information available, which included the original fixture schedule, dated 1886, the contract signed with Archer & Pancoast and period photographs from various rooms in the capitol building.  Unfortunately, the only photo available of the rooms to be re-lit showed only the bottom of the chandeliers.

The known information indicated brass chandeliers, number of lamps, fixtures of a combination gas/electric type.  The photo (shown) showed the bottom of the chandelier and the table, from which we were able to approximately scale the fixtures.  The upper portions of the chandeliers, of which nothing was known, were designed based on design elements from the courtroom chandelier and other chandelier photographs, to which we had access.  The complexity and ornateness of a given chandelier depended on the use of the room and this was also taken into consideration during design.

Conceptual sketches were prepared and approved.  Approval drawings were also prepared and approved.  Submissions of various elements were prepared and submitted for approval.  The  most important element were the glass shades which were custom-blown from a reproduction of an original which still existed in the corridors.

Manufacturing proceeded and fixtures were delivered.  Installation was overseen by our personnel.  The final product is below.


A hand-cut lattice-work ball similar to the original courtroom fixture but mimicking the design shown in the period photo for the room.