Johnson Park Library


This project involved the manufacture of the perimeter wall column lights.  These fixtures were built from scratch based on an old photograph, wear patterns on the stone wall where the originals were mounted, a period manufacturer's catalog page of what is believed to be the fixture.  Since J. L. Mott was mentioned on the drawings worked in that direction.


As with most cast columns of this type, basic construction consisted of a central "spine" of a pipe and base plate around which various cast components could be stacked.  This allowed many variations on a design, allowing different bases and other elements to be added to a basic column.  

The base metal of the original columns could not be determined but would have been either bronze or cast iron.  The customer decided on bronze due to the other bronze elements in the park.

We had restored a similar Mott column a few years ago and traveled to the site to take exact dimensions.  Casting patterns were built and castings were made.  The castings were dressed, machined and fitted prior to finishing with the chosen US10B finish.  The finish was protected with a clear urethane finish.


The columns were topped with a raised standard vapor-tight fixture (to protect the lamp in case of globe breakage) and a 16" white opal glass globe.