The Klemm Reflector Collection

Klemm Reflector Company maintains a collection of historic lighting fixtures for our reference in assisting customers with design research.  We also have a library of historic periodicals including period lighting fixture catalogs ranging from the 1870s to present, a fairly complete Architectural Record magazine collection with advertisements (often very useful for dating purposes), Electrical distributor catalogs and a variety of other interesting items.  Some of these items pertain to our company's history  (see photos below).

Klemm Brochure circa 1880

B. Goetz. Daylight reflector Patent Model, 1869 (Smithsonian Institution Collection)

Klemm Perfumery bottle, dated between 1862-71


American Reflector Co. Lantern dated between 1878 and 1892

American Reflector Co. double-cone Reflector, dated between 1871 - 1878

Klemm & Co. #1532 gas arc pendant fixture, circa 1900

Klemm & Co. roll-top desk lamp, circa 1895 to 1910