Krishiem Reproduction Sconce


Krishiem is a Philadelphia mansion built in the 1880's.  It is presently being used as upscale apartment space.  As part of a renovation of the common areas, we were asked to restore a number of fixtures and duplicate this one.  It was removed from the front garage wall, to be restored and placed in the entry with the companion piece built by Klemm.

The basic piece was brass with a gray paint applied sometime during its life.  The brass surface is heavily peened to impart a texture.  When initial investigation showed a few fixtures to be pewter, we were directed by the architect to apply a pewter finish to this and several other fixtures in the space.  

The housings were painstakingly fabricated from brass sheet and bar, in many pieces, peened,   silver-soldered together, and finally pewter finished.  Glass shades were fashioned to match the existing pieces.  The units were wired to modern specifications.  Once mounted, it was not possible to discern which was the original or even notice a difference between the two.