Old Mississippi Capitol Building  

This project involved the reproduction of an inserted, double-cone gas reflector, circa 1850.  We worked from an old photograph taken prior to a 1915 building renovation.  The building is now a state museum

We built the reflector from heavier material and with more stiffness as the client wanted to be able to raise and lower it on a winch for cleaning.  The light source is LED for long life.  The light level was only for effect, not to light the space.  The original source was gas.  We found an appropriate fluted glass and cut, fitted and silvered the panels.


This was the original photo we had to work from, circa 1915. We were able to proportion the fixture and estimate depth based on on original reflectors in out collection.  We worked with restoration architect Robert Parker Adams early in the process and were able to provide a great deal of information to help in the design process, including one of our original catalog pages depicting the reflector.


The reflector housing was test-hung during fabrication to determine stiffness