Penn Wynne School  


This project involved the repair of two large and three small lanterns.  Although the before and after photos do not appear to be very different at a glance, there is a big difference.  The work done included:

1) Fabricating new inner support brackets of brass bar to replace the original steel brackets, which had lost over half their thickness due to rust.

2) Replacing the broken and missing plastic with solid white opal glass matching the few remaining original panes.

3)  Installing new 35 watt HPS light sources, as specified.

4) Duplicating the missing pine cone and other missing cast knobs. 

5)  Fabricating a new support rod for one chandelier.

6) Repairing the lids which, due to the weakened support bars were falling apart.

7)  Removing concrete drippings from a previous brick pointing project, from the brass without damaging the original patina, as specified.

8)  Repairing the patina.

9) Reproduce missing door frame.