Princeton University, Palmer Hall

These  exterior fixtures are of wrought iron construction and date back to 1920.  Needless to say, most of the fixtures had been ravaged by corrosion.  The two lanterns flanking the front entrance were so rusted that the heavy iron ornaments had literally fallen off because the top of the lid had rusted away.  The University maintenance staff had fashioned a crude cone to cover the hole.  The mounting plates were so corroded that the lanterns were no longer structurally sound.  There was very little original glass left, just several types of plastic.

The first step was a chemical strip of the many coats of paint.  Next was rust  removal.  Now we would have clean metal with which to start the rebuilding process.  Next, we fabricated new steel pieces to replace the missing areas, and new support brackets.  The architect chose a new glass that was very close to the few original pieces left.  We applied a new paint finish based on the Sherwin Williams Polane system with a rust inhibitive primer.  Finally, rewiring with a compact fluorescent lamp.                                    

We would like to thank the restoration architect, Venturi, Scott Brown Associates, for allowing us to perform this restoration.