Princeton University, Holder Hall

This project involved the restoration of 15 bronze lanterns of varying sizes.  Because they were mounted over entry doors and under windows for one of the dormitories, they were badly in need of restoration.  

A major problem was that the bronze center support arm had a steel pipe inside.  Water had entered a few of the arms and the pipe had rusted and split the casting in a thin area.  The rest of the pipes were almost frozen in place.  Some castings were twisted and bent and required straightening.  There were several missing components which had to be re-cast.  New frosted, tempered glass lenses were installed.  Holes bored for photocells had to be repaired.  Patinas needed servicing and a clear urethane coating applied for protection.  The before and after photos are shown below.

If occasionally maintained, he newly restored lanterns should give another 75 to 100 years service.