Pittman United Methodist Church

This project involved the manufacture of four pendant fixtures for a church.  A major problem was how to re-lamp with fixtures 25 ft. in the air, with pews in the way and mounted on a sloped floor.  Lowering devices were not an option due to exposed structure.  We suggested the Philips QL lamp with it's 100,000 hour life and, with intermittent usage in this application, they should last at least 20 years.  

The life of induction lamps is directly related to how well the ballast and transmitter are heat-sinked so we chose to build the fixture from aluminum because it not only conducts heat well but also to keep unnecessary weight off the structure.  Other problems were how to pack and transport fixtures as well as coordination of how to install and even fit into the building.  All of these issues had to be dealt with prior to shipping.