Second Bank of the United States  

This project involved the manufacture of eight lanterns for the Second Bank of the United States, now part of the National Park Service, to match a damaged, existing piece.  The original had been damaged in a fall when the wood pole it was mounted to failed The original was a thin gauge copper fabrication which was lead-soldered together.  The damage sustained in the fall showed the limitations in the design and construction methods. 


We built the new lanterns to be more durable. Every part, connection and all materials were examined with an eye toward  changes to increase durability.  Our proposed design increased the thickness of the copper from .035" to .070", slightly increased the width of the cage legs, increased drainage of water from the fixture and utilized silver brazed connections to replace the weaker, corrosion-prone lead solder joints.  We also silver-brazed threaded bushings into the corners of the legs for attachment of lens retaining angles.  The pole fitter size was increased to accept a larger pole.  All fasteners are copper-bearing alloys.  

Otherwise, our goal was to faithfully duplicate the existing lantern.