St. Mary's Church, Annapolis, MD      


This project involved the renovation of three older, existing church fixtures, the modification of two others and the manufacture of eight new units similar to the modified units only 50% larger.  Patterns were made for casting new components to match some of the existing parts and new patterns were constructed for the remainder.  Up-light components were added to light the newly restored ceiling.  New chains and mounting hardware were supplied to lower the fixtures and to accommodate existing conditions.  New lenses were provided  The up-lighting component highlights the magnificently restored ceiling.  

The existing fixtures were in dire need of re-working due to severe over-lamping.  The enclosed, eight inch diameter units had been most recently lamped with a 750 watt mogul base incandescent which was melting solder joints.  The fixture was in danger of falling apart  

We would like to thank the restoration contractor, Gibbons of Baltimore for considering our services for this project.