St Thomas the Apostle Church

Brigantine, NJ

This project involved the refinishing and re-lamping of eight pendant fixtures.  The fixtures are approximately 50 to 60 years old and were lamped with high-wattage incandescent lamps, asbestos wiring and melted plastic lenses.  Working with the church, we supplied a selection of glass samples to replace the incorrect melted plastic and suggested replacing the A-lamps with F42PLT lamps for longer life (including samples of different color temperature lamps so they could see the effect on their new color selections. 

Ballast location was a problem so we developed a ventilated ballast compartment in the center column.  We chose an aggressive thermal management plan including heat sinks, ventilation, isolation of ballast compartment from the lamping compartment, 90 degree C ballasts and heat testing.  The church chose a dark bronze over the original black color


One design goal was to at least maintain lumen output, extending lamp life and reducing costs. Since the existing plastic was a clear prismatic, a patterned clear glass with maximum obscuring properties was selected.

    The final result below.