University of Pennsylvania, Franklin Field


These cast iron lanterns, originally manufactured by the George Cutter division of Westinghouse Electric, were so severely rusted that the lower portion of the cages no longer existed.  They just rusted away and fell off!  The few that remained served as pigeon nests.  The vertical cage rails were so brittle and corroded that they crumbled in our hands.  Only one unit had a bottom door, and that was a later aluminum re-production and was severely corroded from contact with the cast iron. 

We re-cast new vertical rails, bottom rings, and bottom doors to replace the missing and damaged parts.  The main wall brackets, which weighed over 100 pounds, were badly cracked and broken, especially around the mounting flanges.  Some of the mounting flange areas were also missing.  We re-cast this area and welded it to the original casting.  All cracks were welded.  The lenses are white Lumasite.  The illumination is by a single 26 watt quad tube fluorescent lamp.

 Below is a photograph of the fixtures in their original condition and a catalog sheet from a 1934 Westinghouse Electric catalog.