United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania

This stainless steel pylon was designed by Lawrence McEwen Architects, and Grenald, Waldron Associates of Philadelphia to honor major donors to the United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania.  

The structure consists of three stainless steel panels clustered around a central column with  fiberoptic cable mounted in recesses in the corners to provide an even, continuous illumination.  Slate tiles were inserted into tracks built into the stainless steel panels, with donor's names.


To help the design team maintain their aesthetics of their design while building a structurally sound assembly.  The entire assembly weighs 435 lbs, less slate, which adds another 250 lbs. 

Finishes are #4 and #8 polish, type 304 stainless steel with eggshell white corner reflectors.  100 feet of fiberoptic cable snakes its way through the fixture in one piece and down the central column to the basement, where the illuminator is mounted.  

We would like to thank Lawrence McEwen and Matt Yoder of Lawrence McEwen Architects, and Raymond Grenald of Grenald, Waldron, Associates.   Their attention to detail can only be described as second to none!